Base & top glue
for dipping powders

Uses & Information


The system works with a special formulated activator, base and topcoat in combination with a fine acrylic powder to get a strong and coloured nail that will last for at least a full two weeks. It offers a great alternative to gel polish. Quick and easy to apply for maximum profitability. The dipping powders are available in many colours, flawless French Manicure styles or for building a perfect natural look. Also the base and top coats are available in two different viscosities.

8 Benefits of the Dipping System

  • Strength – produces a much stronger, harder wearing finish than gel polish
  • Colour – All kind of colours, pastels, glitters or French Manicure, apply clear or pink shades for a natural look
  • Easy to apply – Everybody can do it
  • Lightweight – The end result is a very natural looking thin nail with all the benefits and strength of an acrylic nail
  • Odour free – Because the system utilises adhesive rather than acrylic monomer
  • Personalisation – The coloured powders can be mixed to create hundreds of shades
  • Speed – A full set of nails can be applied in 20 to 25 minutes
  • Versatile – Can be applied over natural nails or short tips

Nail Glue / Resin

Base glue is available in two different kind of viscosities. The 300 and 500 series. The 500 is slightly thicker than the 300. Both are sold in a 15 ml – ½ oz, round, clear glass bottle with a special white brush and cap.

Top glue is also available in two kinds of viscosity. The 100 and 200 series. The 100 is thinner and therefore gives a smoother result. The 200 is thicker and makes the surface stronger. Both are sold in a 15 ml – ½ oz, round, clear glass bottle with a special white brush and cap.

Super strong tip glue is the best and fastest drying tip glue offered in the market. It comes in a small, round, white plastic 5cc / 4 gr. bottle and cap. It has a dropper tip inside.

Shelf life and warranty!

All our products have a shelf life of one year. Unlabeled product is not covered under warranty. A waiver will need to be signed for any unlabeled products that we sell to you. Interglue retains product, to verify the one year shelf life warranty; the retain held at Interglue will be the criteria in determining product failure.
For the best results, store the product in a cool, dry and dark place at 40 – 50 Fahrenheit / 5 – 10 Celcius.
Interglue prints a date code on the bottom of each item which references the date the item is produced. Interglue takes no responsibility for the performance of our products in any application performed by the customer.

How to apply the Dipping System

Make sure the hands and fingers are clean and cleared of nail care product.

Step 1: Apply one layer of the Interglue dipping glue BASE to a single nail. Make sure to cover the entire surface.

Step 2: Immediately dip the base coated nail in a dipping powder of your choice. Best do it at a 45 degree angle.

Step 3: Tap off the excess powder.

Step 4: Add another layer of the base coat and dip again in the dipping powder.

Step 5: Brush off the remaining loose powder with a sanitized cosmetic brush.

Step 6: Use an activator to all nails and allow to dry 1 or 2 minutes.

Step 7: Apply one layer of the Interglue dipping glue TOP to the nail. Make sure to cover the entire surface.

Step 8: Buff the nail with a file and wipe with a cosmetic brush.

Step 9: Add another layer of activator on all nails.

Step 10: Apply another layer of the Interglue dipping glue TOP to all nails.


Interglue offers a variety of nail glue / resin for the professional nail care industry. Base coats and top coats for dipping systems and super strong tip glue.

Interglue is Dutch and a division of Interfilling which is a subsidiary of Keystone Research and Pharmaceuticals which are based in the United States. The group is a global player and active in the Cosmetic, Nail Care, Dental and Medical sector.